A New Dispensary for the Rondo

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The dispensary is now finished and will be able to serve both the school community of Rondo Junior Seminary and St Cyprian’s Theological College and also the local village population.  The opening ceremony will take place on August 26th – the cow to be eaten in celebration is on order!


We have been contacted by Dr Jaap Hardeman, one of the Dutch doctors who worked in Masasi in the 60’s and 70’s, with information on the proposed scheme to build a new Dispensary at the Rondo.

Very detailed plans have been drawn up by the Dutch doctors, and these show that they are hoping to construct a very impressive and well-designed building. They have budgeted for the cost of the installation of electricity, water storage and plumbing and some internal storage and have also taken into account the labour, technical support and transportation costs involved.

The total cost of construction is 98,868,553.00 Tz shillings (approximately £40,000) and Dr Hardeman tells us that the estimated cost is much higher than the Dutch doctors had expected and four times higher than the projected cost in 2009.

One also has to bear in mind that on top of this it will be necessary to provide all the essential medical equipment and supplies and also to provide staffing.

The Dutch doctors are liaising with both Father Stewart Kasembe and Father Emmanuel Chilumba and are very hopeful that they will be able to go ahead with their scheme. They have already transferred €5,000 to get the project underway and they have another €20,000 available but approximately €20,000 (nearly £21,000) is still required.

There is no doubt that a new Dispensary is desperately needed at the Rondo. We understand that at present the nearest medical facilities to the College are a small dispensary 7 km away at Mtene, a health centre 22 km away at Chipondo, and hospital facilities, run by the Roman Catholic Church, at Nyangao, which is 45 km from the College, on the main road from Masasi to Mtwara. It is estimated that nearly 8000 people are dependent on the health services provided at St Cyprian’s – this includes not only the staff and students at St Cyprian’s and the Junior Seminary, but also the people in the neighbouring villages and those who farm their shambas in the countryside around. All these people put their trust in the services that are provided by the Church, knowing that they will receive not only treatment, but also care, hope and love.

The Friends of Masasi & Newala is not able, at the present time, to contribute towards the building cost of the new Dispensary, but it is hoped that funding via Action Medeor will be provided, once the Dispensary is “up and running”. If anyone wishes to make a donation towards the cost of building the new dispensary, they are very welcome to make donations, which can be Gift Aided, via the Friends and the funds will then be passed on to the Dutch doctors for them to use as they see fit.

If anyone would like further information on the proposed new Dispensary, please contact Jaap Hardeman by email <HERE>