Tanzanian Partners

Rev Dr Bishop James Almasi

Rev Dr James Almasi, the 9th Anglican Bishop of Masasi. James is the leader of the 37 parishes of a very large diocese. The two main towns are Masasi and Lindi and many of the other parishes are in very rural areas which typically have no mains electricity or water and are accessed via unmade roads taking many hours to navigate. New parishes are being created regularly and there is regular building of new churches and also rebuilding of churches that have been established for some time and the buildings are in need of refurbishment. Bishop James has many links around the world, especially in the USA, following a period of training at Virginia Theogical Seminary and Canada which has a diocesan link with the Episcopal Diocese of Montreal. Masasi Diocese is also the companion link of Hereford Diocese. Bishop James is a committed evangelist and always puts the Gospel at the heart of all of the work of the Diocese of Masasi. +James is married to Veronica and they have three children.

Rev Fr Linus Buriani

Fr Linus Buriani is Rector of Rondo Junior Seminary and Assistant Director of Development in Masasi Diocese. Linus was educated at Rondo and has a degree in Development Studies. He is passionate about seeing projects grow from their beginnings and the power of education to give young people the tools to develop. Linus has been a representative for the Britain Tanzania Society and has also taken on responsibilities for the National Christian Youth Organisation in Tanzania. He is a dedicated environmentalist and has set himself a personal target of planting one million trees over his lifetime. He is well on the way! Linus has training in Permaculture agricultural systems and is a firm believer in the Tanzanian motto Kilimo Kwanza – Agriculture First. Linus is married to Thabiti and they have two baby boys.

Bishop Oscar Mnun’gaa

Bishop Oscar Mnun’gaa is the bishop of the diocese of Newala. This diocese was created from the southern and eastern part of Masasi diocese as it had expanded so much that there were too many parishes for one bishop. +Oscar has oversight of the towns of Mtwara and Newala.

Rev Fr Geoffrey Patrick

Rev Geoffrey Patrick is the Director for Developmnent in Masasi Diocese and has been instrumental in many development projects including the Primates World Development Fund based in Canada, which has supported long term development in Masasi and beyond to lift rural areas out of poverty.

Rev Fr Phares Lihewe

Fr Phares is the Diocesan Secretary of the diocese of Masasi. He was one of the first students of Rondo seminary who was supported for Secondary Education through to University. After Rondo and Sixth form, Phares studied for his degree at Makerere University in Uganda. He has subsequently studied for a Theology Degree in Zimbabwe at Bishop Gaul College. Phares is married to Upendo and they have a son at Secondary School