Important Events in the Diocese of Newala

A total of 84 visitors were received among whom 10 came from Britain. These ten were as follows:
• Medical (Doctor) students :22 June (Joanne Reid, Helen Flockton, Mathew Pernam, Lucy Jones and Katie Ward)
• Teachers from Eardisley Primary School : 30 July (Michele Chapman, Stephen Chapman, Susana Brown and Robert Brown)
• Terry Bailey from the Friends of Masasi & Newala : 2-12 September

• Mtwara has completed the digging of a well in readiness to commence the building works of the Hostel and Nursery school.
• In October 2011 Mtwara completed the office construction for the local Priest in charge, and a bookshop.
• In July 2011 the Government returned to the Diocese buildings it had nationalized in Tandahimba in the 1980’s period.
• 25 business sheds were completed at the Newala Diocese Headquarters in September 2011.
• A seminar on AIDS awareness was held from 17 October to 22 October with 126 leaders in attendance.
• Election of UMAKI (Mother’s union) Diocesan office bearers was held on 4 November 2011.
• We have constructed an underground water catchment tank to collect rain water from gutters installed around the House of Bishop. Completion was in September 2011.
• Vehicle no.T228 BEN is now fully operational after rehabilitation and repairs since September 2011. It is now being utilized to meet day to day Diocesan matters and activities.
• Preparations were commenced for the construction of the Proposed New Cathedral now underway since 1st May 2011. Three lorry loads of building stones have been delivered and we are looking into more materials being available – funds permitting.
• The new Church of Nanyamba was opened in the surburbs of Tandahimba.
• Rehabilitation of Lulindi Health Centre is in its final stages and becomes operational in January 2012.
• Distribution of £250 donation from Minchinhampton @ TSh. 47,700/= to 9 widows (wife of the Late Bishop, widows of 8 Priests) and 4 retired Padres. More information to be available later with photos sessions of the recipients being handed their share.
• There has been Confirmation of 290 Youths in the preceding period.
• The Diocese has students undertaking studies as follows:
o St Mark’s Theological College, Dar es Salaam – 9 students.
o St. Cyprian’s College at the Rondo – 3 students
o In total there are 12 students under sponsorship and assistance is greatly appreciated and valued.
• 26 Muslims converted to Christianity and were Baptised.
• Total Baptisms so far this year in the Diocese is 680 persons.
• 30 December 2011 heralds the Ordination of six new Deacons.

+Oscar Mnung’a