Bishop Dr James Alamsi is the 9th  Bishop of Masasi. Bishop James leads parishes spread over a very wide geographical area, from towns such as Masasi to very rural areas which are a challenge to access.  His focus is to spread the gospel and lead people practically in their parishes through equipping the local churches.  He is married to Veronica and they have three children who are 24, 21 and 16.

Fr Linus is the Rector of Rondo Junior Seminary and was himself educated at Rondo.  He has a degree in Development Studies and is working on a Masters in Sociology.  Linus has served in Tunduru parish. He has also worked within roles as part of UKWATA, the Christian Students national organisation in Tanzania.  He is married to Thabiti, a secondary school teacher, and they have a son Ethan.

Gill has been a Trustee since the original Friends of Masasi was set up in 1991. Her connection with Masasi and Newala is through Father Ronnie Cox, who, after many years with the UMCA in Masasi, became Vicar of Ermington, in Devon – where Gill still lives.

Gill also edits and produces Masasi & Newala News which has been published regularly since 2001. Sadly this newsletter is now becoming extremely expensive to print and distribute and it is hoped that in future more and more people will opt to access it online via the Friends’ website.

Shirley was invited to become a Trustee in 1992 shortly after Father Ronnie’’s death.  She has knowledge of the area, having worked in Lulindi and Mkomaindo Hospitals from January 1967 until  February 1969 as Sister and Matron and this knowledge has been of immense importance to the other Trustees in their decision-making.
Shirley is still very much involved with African Palms, a project, which her husband Reverend Alan Talbot had started in 1965. African Palms aims to sell Palm Crosses, which are woven in the Masasi area, throughout the world. The scheme enables people in Masasi to earn some money and any extra money made is used to support the people of Masasi

Steve became a Trustee of the Friends shortly after retiring from a teaching career of nearly 40 years.  He was formerly Senior Deputy at Bishop Perowne Community College in Worcester and first became involved with Masasi and Newala through the British Council’s Global Partnership Scheme link that was established between Bishop Perowne Community College and a secondary school in Masasi. Steve was elected Chairman of the Friends in January 2021.
When Steve retired he and his wife went on a holiday of a lifetime to Tanzania and Zanzibar and what they saw inspired him to try and help develop the education and lives of secondary-aged children in Tanzania. He has a particular interest in the special unit at Masasi Primary school, which has a special unit attached for blind and visually impaired pupils.

Jennifer was appointed a Trustee in May 2012. She teaches at St Barnabas Church of England Primary School in Worcester, which has an active partnership with Mnara Primary School, and having made a number of visits to Masasi, she has been able to establish important links with people in the area.
She has also taught herself to speak and write Swahili and is in regular contact, via Facebook and other social networking sites, with many people in Masasi and Newala Dioceses. This is very important for the Trustees and ensures that the Trust is kept up to date with what is happening in both Dioceses.

Linda was appointed a Trustee in May 2012. She has visited Masasi several times and has an interest in HIV/Aids prevention, and helping those who are suffering with the disease. Linda is a Reader at Minchinhampton Church.



Steve became a Trustee of the Friends in May 2012. He has visited Masasi five times in the last 11 years and first met Bishop Patrick in May 1996 when he visited the Parish of Minchinhampton which has had links with Masasi since 1959. Steve has retired in 2014. He was ordained as a Non Stipendary Minister in the Church of England in June 2007. Steve has a particular interest in the Chapel at Rondo and HIV/Aids education delivered locally in the Diocese.

Steve is also the treasurer for the charity from July 2020

Steve can be contacted by email here: STEPHEN JARVIS

John Talbot has become a trustee to follow in the footsteps of His mother Shirley.

Professor Mark Cornwall is a new trustee who is the son of the missionary priest and headteacher, John Cornwall. His mother Benita was a Mathematics teacher in Masasi in the 1950’s.

Phares was one of the first students at the Junior Seminary; after studying at the University of Kampala he returned to the Rondo to take up a teaching post and he became the Head Teacher at the Junior Seminary. Phares has now been appointed the Diocesan Secretary from September 2020.

Phares can be contacted by email here: PHARES LIHEWE

On 6th September 2009 Oscar Mnun’ga, from Dar es Salaam, was Inaugurated as the first Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Newala.

Oscar can be contacted by email here: OSCAR MNUNG’A

Sister Phoebe is the manager for St Anne’s Guest House at Mtandi, Masasi and the Diocesan shop.  She is a CMM sister.  Find out more about their work here


Sister Phoebe can be contacted by email here: SISTER PHOEBE CMM

Edmund is the Diocesan Mechanic and head Driver for the Development Office.


Edmund can be contacted by email here: EDMUND OMARI

Regina is the Chair person of the Mothers’ Union of Masasi Diocese


Regina can be contacted by email here: REGINA LINJE

Dirk has stepped down from being a Trustee after many years dedicated service.

He will remain a consultant to the Friends so as they can draw on his many years of experience and considerable knowledge of the area, during the time that he lived in the Diocese of Masasi.  Dirk has many contacts in Germany, Switzerland and the USA and his advice and expertise in the world of business has helped in the past with our decision making. Dirk is also the founder and a Trustee of the African Sisters of St Mary (CMM) Support Group” and in this capacity he visits Tanzania at least once a year, often accompanied by health and other professionals who are able to offer invaluable advice and support.