Working with the dioceses and people of Southern Tanzania

The Friends of Masasi & Newala is a small Charitable Trust which supports health, education and development projects in the Dioceses of Masasi and Newala in Southern Tanzania.

Our aim is to build and strengthen the links that were initially set up by UMCA and other missionaries who established the Anglican Church in this area of Tanzania.

Our website is currently undergoing a transformation, please come back soon and see all the exciting changes!

We are a small Christian charity which works in partnership with the Anglican church of Tanzania to support development projects in the dioceses of Masasi and Newala, especially in education and health.

The Friends of Masasi  was established by Father Ronnie Cox, shortly before his death in 1991.

Sent by the UMCA, Fr Ronnie was a priest in Masasi for nearly 30 years and established a great rapport with the people of the Southern Tanzania.

We are honoured to share in the lives of many Tanzanians and learn more about the amazing resilience and culture of this wonderful place.

  • collaborating with clergy and lay people in both dioceses to bring about transformation and empowerment of individuals and communities, to raise living standards, so all may enjoy life in its fullness
  • we will engage with all irrespective of race, ethnicity, colour, faith, religion, sexual orientation, age and disability
  • seeking funding and support from individuals, businesses, groups, foundations and trusts