Rondo Beekeeping Project

Reverend Linus Buriani, the Rector at Rondo school has a vision of a bee keeping project that he wishes to undertake at the school under the instruction of the Forest Reserve.

The proposal has several benefits:-

  • Improving the diet of the students
  • Teaching the students beekeeping skills
  • Ensuring that the local produce, and trees are well pollinated
  • Selling honey to aid development of the school
  • Increasing awareness of the environment and the role that bees have

This is a brand new start up and the funding has been costed at approximately £4600

This will set up 100 hives across the area of the Rondo Plateau and provide the equipment for twenty students to learn.

The equipment needed is as follows:-

Top bar hives.

A top-bar hive is a rectangular shaped single-story frameless beehive with sloped sides where the comb hangs from removable bars. The bars form a continuous roof over the top of the hive cavity and the bees move horizontally through the space. This style of hive is also referred to as a “Kenyan” or “Tanzanian” top-bar hive.


Hive tools

Protective suits for the students.