The Bishop Trevor Scholarship Scheme


The Bishop Trevor Scholarship Scheme started in January 2008. This was as a direct result of the generous collection received at the Service, in the Chapel of Lancing College, to dedicate a stained glass window in memory of Bishop Trevor Huddleston.

The scheme was to offer two young men and two CMM Sisters the opportunity to undertake a four-year course of study at Rondo Junior Seminary and we are delighted to report that the Scheme has been very successful. Two young men – Kepha Bashidi and Alban Noel, and two CMM Sisters – Sr Thekla and Sr Edna – have now completed their courses and 8 young men and 7 CMM Sisters are at varying stages in their education at the Junior Seminary (unfortunately one of the CMM Sisters had to drop out through ill health).

Initially the BTSS contributed £200 per annum to each student’s costs and after the start of the fourth year, at which time we were supporting 16 students each year, the cost was £3,200 per annum. The collection taken at Lancing College, with the benefit of Gift Aid, totalled nearly £8000 and although we subsequently received some additional donations, by the end of 2011 we had effectively run out of money and the Trustees reluctantly decided therefore that it would not be possible for any new students to start in January 2012, although the students who had already started their studies would, of course, continue to be supported. One of the reasons for this decision was that the fees at the Rondo were about to increase by 50% and the contribution from the BTSS would therefore have had to be raised from £200 p.a. per student to £300 p.a.

We are pleased to report, however, that because of the value of the Scheme and the importance of education in the future of Tanzania, the Trustees have now decided to continue with the scheme as long as is possible and as there are currently 15 students enrolled in this Scheme, the Trust has recently sent a total of £4500 to support these young people for the coming year.

One of the reasons for the Trustees’ change of mind is because our new Trustee, Steve Arbery, has offered to take on responsibility for running the BTSS and for liaising with the students to ensure that we receive regular reports on their progress, which hopefully we will be able to publish on the website. He is also trying to raise funds to keep the scheme going for many more years. Steve has lots of exciting ideas and plans for the future and we will report on developments as and when they take place.

Letters recieved from CMM students:

Dear Mother,
I hope you are fine and your family. I and all the Sisters are fine. The intention of my letter is to greet you and to thank you and tell you about the programs I am studying. I am continuing well. Now I am in Form one and we are reading the following subjects : Mathematics, Science, English, Geography, History, Kiswahili and Civics. My result was that I passed all the subjects – average pass 71, my place in class 9 out of 38.
Thank you mother for helping us all in need of school. Thank you and God bless you.

Thekla CMM

Dear Mother,
I am very happy to greet you in the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you are fine with your family. I hope you are continuing well in all your activities. And I, mother, I am continuing well in my life. I am progressing well with the lessons. I thank God for helping me every day. My aim is that I say thank you for your agreement to help me. I don’t know what to do to show my gratitude. God bless you with your family. I will not forget you mother in my life.
I am continuing to pray for you and all your family. I wish you good work and best wishes in your life.

Edna CMM


“I am Alban Noel. I’m from Sululu parish at Mkarakate Anglican Church. I was born in 1987 at Masasi District. My parents are Noel Mayaya and Mrs Mayaya. My father is a mason and my mother is a farmer, but also my father sometimes he is engaged in farming activities. In our family there are six children and I’m fourth born. Two of them are females and four are males. I’m now a student at Rondo Junior Seminary and by my side there is my young brother who is in Form 1 in this year. My father is a Yao and my mother is Makua. They are both Tanzanian. I like most studies and worship. Apart from that I would help my families and my society in general, especially in Sululu parish and the Church of God.”kefa

“I am Kefa Bashidi from Chakama parish, in Chakama Anglican Church. I’m nineteen years old and I was born at Chakama village. My parents are Bashidi Harris and Joyce James. My father has died and my mother is a farmer. In our family there are four children. I have two young sisters who are in primary education and one sister has got married and she is a farmer. I’m second born and am now a student of Rondo Junior Seminary. I prefer to have great cooperation with my relatives and my fellows. I like my studies. I prefer studies so that I could help my familiy, Chakama parish and even to building our nation”.