Environmental Conservation

At Rondo Junior Seminary and St Cyprian’s College the environment is a prime concern.  Great efforts are being made to look after the existing flora and fauna but also to expand the species that can grow there.  Sustainability is of vital importance within the area and Rondo people are keen to protect the environment and avoid its destruction from man made activities such as firewood collection.  Tree planting has been a major initiative in 2014.  This has three main benefits:  to protect the biodiversity of Rondo which is part of a delicate ecosystem called Coastal Forests.  Secondly some trees are planted  specifically for future income and sustainability to be harvested as timber.  Thirdly fruit trees can provide a vital harvest to improve the nutrition of Rondo Staff and Students.   Species such as Teak, Jacaranda and Mango grow well in the Rondo environment and the primary species for timber is Pinus Caribbeae, Caribbean Pine, which grows well under the conditions and is also able to provide timber for commercial income in the future and also for the needs of the school.  Trees have been planted as saplings and also nursery trees are being raised from seed.  This is an initiative which has been supported by expertise from Rondo Forest which has recently received national status as a nature reserve.  It is for this environmental concern that Rondo Junior Seminary was recognised and honoured with a visit from the National Torch of Tanzania – Mwenge.