New Building Works at Rondo

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Following the renovation of the roof at Rondo, the staff and students are all helping to build a new path and flowerbeds which will lead from the school classrooms to the chapel.  Fr Linus Buriani is keen for Rondo’s past students to help the current students to prosper and flourish in a beautiful environment.  Only 8% of the world’s population has a bank account, but this does not prevent innovative ways of supporting projects finacially for Tanzanians! Fr Linus has set up communications within Whatsapp to keep in contact with pupils who have moved on to university and professions.  Mobile phone money transfers have meant that past students have supported projects such as help for retired teachers and now to rebuild the paths to the chapel.  Contributions are usually in the form of how many bags or halves of a bag of cement that one can help with!  Even international contributions are possible through mobile phone transactions using Airtel Money and Tigo Pesa which is the way that all Tanzanians transact as so many people do not use traditional urban based banks.

The staff look has also been rebranded with smart new grey polo shirts for staff with a new school logo.  Private schools have been going through a hard time following closures for many weeks during the Coronavirus,  Rondo is at the heart of the diocese of Masasi and the Anglican community are always supportive of iniatives.