Expansion to Transport Business

Felix Andrew is a former pupil of Rondo Junior Seminary and grew up in Chikunja village around 7km out of Masasi on the road to Nachingwea. For several years after a start-up loan from The Friends of Masasi and Newala Felix has been running a motorbike taxi service which takes people often to other villages where there is little or no public transport and also into Masasi Town and back. A year ago this business was expanded to include a bajaji. The commonly seen three wheeled taxis with a motobike engine, covered over with a roof. These businesses have worked well and been a lifeline to people sometimes in the middle of the night when they need to go to hospital. Felix has now been able to further expand using capital earned from the business and has taken delivery of an Indian made TVR motorbike, in fetching blue. The business has been able to provide Felix and now two other drivers with work. The income has made a big difference to Felix’s life. He is now connected to the mains electricity supply and can watch TV at home. He has extra viewers when English Premier League matches are on! He has also been able to help his younger sister finish form 4 where she passed very well and is now helping her with a nursing qualification at Ndanda. Capital is often the stumbling block to being able to start a business and Felix has been thankful and faithful in working hard and growing his transport business. Visitors to Masasi would be warmly welcomed in Masasi and conveyed safely! Felix speaks lovely English and would be delighted to show you around! The bike comes in a box and has to be assembled like a lego kit!

Being built!
the bajaji
Felix Andrew – driver

Karibu sana Masasi!


Many of us are familiar with the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes that are filled in many homes, often by children. Mostly, boxes filled in the UK boxes are sent within Europe, but these had made their way from the USA. The recipients of these boxes are the boys of Rondo and smaller children from within the community around the College. The boxes were received with great excitement in the school chapel this Sunday!


As Rondo is sited on the edge of a government forest reserve, trees are an everyday concern of life. From the short term climate advantages that tree planting instantly brings to the longer term investment for fruit-bearing and timber production, trees are bringing green benefits to the environment. Teak- tiki- in Swahili grows very well and the two pictures show the nursery trees which are raised by the water point in Chiponda, just down the hill from College and a field of maturing Teak trees planted by schoolboys around five years ago and growing well.

Christmas Day 2020

Christmas Day at Rondo was a joyous time. Many people from the adjacent village of Mnara were invited to come to worship at the chapel, regardeless of their faith. Many civil employees such as the Ward Education Officer, village council officers and people employed at the College as workers and drivers are based in the village. There was a special lunch after church and then many joined in a mass tree planting around College.

Pride FM Radio Mtwara

Freedom Ambikilile, Academic Master of Rondo and Fr Linus Buriani went on air this week to promote Rondo Junior Seminary and invite applications for new students. The new term begins soon and new pupils are preparing to arrive.

New Building Works at Rondo

IMG-20200722-WA0013  IMG-20200715-WA0005  thumbnail_IMG-20200626-WA0003IMG-20200715-WA0037

Following the renovation of the roof at Rondo, the staff and students are all helping to build a new path and flowerbeds which will lead from the school classrooms to the chapel.  Fr Linus Buriani is keen for Rondo’s past students to help the current students to prosper and flourish in a beautiful environment.  Only 8% of the world’s population has a bank account, but this does not prevent innovative ways of supporting projects finacially for Tanzanians! Fr Linus has set up communications within Whatsapp to keep in contact with pupils who have moved on to university and professions.  Mobile phone money transfers have meant that past students have supported projects such as help for retired teachers and now to rebuild the paths to the chapel.  Contributions are usually in the form of how many bags or halves of a bag of cement that one can help with!  Even international contributions are possible through mobile phone transactions using Airtel Money and Tigo Pesa which is the way that all Tanzanians transact as so many people do not use traditional urban based banks.

The staff look has also been rebranded with smart new grey polo shirts for staff with a new school logo.  Private schools have been going through a hard time following closures for many weeks during the Coronavirus,  Rondo is at the heart of the diocese of Masasi and the Anglican community are always supportive of iniatives.

Pleased to announce the appointment of a new Rector at Rondo

Bishop James has appointed Father Linus Buriani to be the new Rector of Rondo School and Seminary, with immediate effect, as the school has been without a Rector for sometime. Fr. Linus is currently the Assistant Diocesan Development Officer, and led a three year project in Tunduru called All Mothers and Children Count, that ended in February, aimed at reducing the incidence of child and maternal mortality.

In Tunduru, Linus worked on creating an holistic approach to developing the welfare of villages, with new clinics established, diets improved through the teaching of livestock husbandry and agricultural techniques, contraception and building classrooms, which has had the hoped for outcomes of improving the life chances for both children, and mothers. Linus is a graduate of University of Dodoma in Tanzania in Development Studies and was educated at Rondo and Lindi High School.  He is the son of Canon Buriani.  Linus is married to Thabiti who is a Secondary school teacher and they have a son Ethan Joel.