Bishop James Almasi arrived in England on November 20th and has been busy visiting many churches and schools and people around the Diocese of Hereford. He arrived to celebrate the consecration of the Bishop of Hereford, together with the Bishop of Dar es Salaam. Bishop James will also visit London, Stapleford and Worcester where there are many congregations and schools linked to Masasi and Newala. He has experienced a good deal of freezing fog and very different conditions to the sunny climes of Masasi.

confirm 6An amazing day was seen by over 2000 people who were both inside and outside Mtandi Cathedral in Masasi.  Bishop James Barnaba Almasi was consecrated as Bishop of Masasi.  Anglicans from all corners of the world arrived, from Canada and the UK.  The Friends of Masasi and Newala were represented by Jonathan Rendall who is a long standing friend of many of the trustees of the Friends of Masasi and Newala, and also of Bishop James.

MickLIt is with sadness that we have learned of the passing away of Mick Levick who has been a staunch supporter of Masasi Diocese.  Mick made many visits to Masasi with his wife Val and they held many places in great affection.  Mick held the honorary title of UK Commissioner to the Bishop of Masasi and was a very special friend of the retired Bishop Patrick Mwachiko.  Mick lived in Malvern, Worcestershire and will be greatly missed by many people at home and also in Masasi.


The village of Namasakata near Tunduru was the original site for St Cyprian’s College.  This land has a few buildings that remain on the land and can be incorporated into the new development.  This is the village meeting in August 2014 where the village was delighted to hear of the plans for a girl’s school to be built on the site.  Young people from Masasi have already volunteered their time and energy to make cement bricks to begin construction.  The education of girls is still a very important area of development in Tanzania and a girl’s school will be welcomed with open arms.  This project has been supported with aid from Canada.



It is with sadness that we bring news of the death of Canon Prebendary Walter Gould.  Walter was an amazing man with an unflappable manner and steadfast love for the people of Tanzania.  He had immense knowledge and was a great supporter of agricultural techniques that can preserve the environment and also increase yields and avoid pests and disease.  Here he is receiving a plaque from Rev Fr Linus Buriani who visited him in Hereford.  Walter will be sadly missed for his wisdom and ever smiling optimism.

james AThis month Canon James Barnabas Almasi has been elected to serve as the 9th bishop of Masasi.  His consecration will take place on September 21st at Mtandi Cathedral and representatives from many areas of the world will attend, along with the President of Tanzania.  James has served in several Masasi parishes and also in Mbeya Cathedral in the west of Tanzania.  His charisma and warm personality have endeared him to many and Friends of Masasi and Newala wish him a blessed time as he faces the challenges of leading the diocese.